Plan Your Trip

Here are some useful links to help you plan for attending the Composite Conference 2012 in Las Cruces, NM. Our goal is to make your visit as pleasant as possible, so if we can help with your planning, please contact us!

Hotels: Blocks of local hotel rooms have been set aside for the convention; additionally rooms can be reserved at the hotel of your choice.

Some useful hotel booking links:

Check out reviews and more at TripAdvisor

Book with Expedia

*Note, we do not make any guarantees regarding your bookings, but will help if we can!

Meals: Refreshments and meals will be provided during the conference.


Visiting Las Cruces, New Mexico

Visiting NASA WSTF: NASA White Sands Test Facility follows strict visitor rules.

WiFi Access: WiFi access to the conference network will be available. Please consult your welcome packet or contact the meeting coordinators for the WiFi access info.

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